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As the BSA Centennial comes to an end, I want to highlight a patch from the area that many won’t see around…the 2010 Vigil overnight patch.  Specific criteria have been established for Vigil honor members to earn these patches during Tamegonit Lodge’s Vigil weekend.  Only one is awarded per member per year and are designed to be worn on a member’s Vigil vest:

Tamegonit Lodge Vigil Vest with Overnight Awards

Initially given out in 1995, a total of 1,017 of these patches had been awarded through  2010.  Two special versions of this patch have been issued: one with a gold mylar border for  the 2005 50th Anniversary of the first Vigil ceremony for the Lodge and this year’s red bordered Centennial version.  Each patch is numbered and a record is kept by the Lodge.  The standard patches use the standard numbering system (1, 2, 3..) and do not start over each year;  the 50th Anniversary patches are numbered with 50-X (where X = the patch issue number) and the Centennial patches are numbered C-X (where X = the patch issue number).  Here’s the standard version:

Tamegonit Lodge - Standard Vigil Overnight Award

One hundred of gold mylar patches were made; of the total 92 were awarded, one was placed in the Tamegonit Lodge collection, and the remaining were destroyed.  The 92 awarded in 2005 were the most ever awarded at one Vigil Banquet, followed by 83 distributed in 2008.

Tamegonit Lodge - 2005 Vigil Award

This year, 200 patches were made; of the total 96 were awarded, one was placed in the Tamegonit Lodge collection at the Great House, and the remaining were destroyed.  Ninety six marks the most patches awarded in one year, followed by 92 in 2005.  Do you patch collectors see a correlation?

Tamegonit Lodge - Centennial Vigil Overnight Award

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Two piece sets have become commonplace with OA issues for national events (NOAC and Jamboree).  They typically include a lodge flap and a lower chevron that continues the flap design.  Some lodges get pretty clever with their designs, you can do a search on eBay and turn up a variety of examples.  Tamegonit Lodge/Tribe of Mic-O-Say/Heart of America council have jointly produced two sets for recent National Jamborees (2001 and 2005).  In the case of the 2001 set, a fake of the lower chevron has surfaced.  Pictured below are the two patches.  The one on the left is the original, while the one on the right is the fake. 

 YX1 - RealZX1 - Fake

The easiest way to tell the difference is by looking at the Mic-O-Say claws on the left hand side of the patch.  The original patch has black claws, while the fake has silver-mylar claws. 

The fakes show up on eBay fairly regularly, keep an eye out.  There are no apparent differences between the companion OA flap and the flap commonly sold with the fake chevron.

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Big thanks again to Matt Perryn for sending along a scan of the patches available at Camp Naish this summer to commemorate the BSA 100th Anniversary.  As shown below, there was a central patch and several different strips available for a variety of participants.  Matt tells me there is also a “Staff” bar, but we haven’t been able to turn up an image of it.  If you have one, please pass it along.


Additionally, a 100th Anniversary rocker was given to Boy Scouts attending summer camp at Naish.  Thanks to my neighbors across the street, I was able to get one. Here’s a picture:

Finally, here are two belt buckles sent along by Matt that were available this summer at the trading post at Camp Naish: one for Camp and one for Tamegonit Lodge.

Camp Naish BSA 100 Anniversary Belt Buckle

Tamegonit Lodge BSA 100th Anniversary Belt Buckle

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As summer winds down, here’s an interesting grouping of troop-issued summer camp neckerchiefs for Naish and Bartle. These are from Troop 86 in Olathe, Kansas. I am not sure how many different neckerchiefs were made by Troop 86, but they’ve been camping at Naish and Bartle for quite a while, so I gather there are many more out there stowed away in boxes and drawers. Here’s a sampling (Thanks to Matt Perryn for the first two images):

1983 - Camp Sawmill - Bartle Scout Reservation

Camp Bartle - Undated

1987 - Camp Naish

Camp Naish - 1990

Camp Naish - Undated (I got this when I went to Naish in 1989)

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Thanks to my neighbor across the street, Todd, I was able to pick up one of the new 2-piece sets issued by Heart of America Council to commemorate the 2010 National Jamboree which kicks off on July 24.  Here’s a scan of the patch:

There are also CSPs issued by the council and a 100th Anniversary flap issued by Tamegonit Lodge.  I’ll post scans of those as well, once I track them down.

UPDATE – Thanks to reader, Matt Perryn, I have scans of the 100th Anniversary CSPs and JSPs.  There are seven total from Heart of America Council:

Black Border - Standard 100th Anniversary CSP

Blue Border - Jamboree Troop 1131

Orange Border - Jamboree Troop 1132

Green Border - Jamboree Troop 1133

Red Border - Jamboree Troop 1134

Silver Border - Jamboree Staff

Gold Border - Council VIP

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With thanks to Andy Dubill, I am pleased to offer for download a book titled, “The Patches of Camp Theodore Naish”.  The book contains images of many of the patches issued for Camp Naish dating back to the early 1930s.  It was put together in 1996 by several collectors in the Kansas City area.  Since that time, several additional patches have been discovered, many of which are included here at Broad Kaw Valley.  Nonetheless, it is a great resource for Camp Naish collectors/enthusiasts.   If you have any additions for future editions of the book, Andy’s email address is included in the document.

The Patches of Camp Theodore Naish

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The Blue Book – Standard Order of the Arrow Insignia Catalog list one dance team chenille prototype as YC1.  It is noted as having a black background with a white MGM Indian head.  This is not actually a prototype for the C1 dance team chenille produced by the lodge in the late 1980s.  According to Kirk Doan, former lodge adviser, the chenille idea came about around 1983 as the dance team was getting started.  The patches were intended to be sewn to a jacket with the dancer’s name and some indication that they were a member of the Tamegonit Lodge dance team.  In addition to the YC1 shown below, there is also a red version of the chenille from 1983. Each of the patches is approximately 6 inches in diameter. See below:





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1990, the year I was inducted into Tamegonit Lodge 147, was also the 75th Annivserary of the Order of the Arrow.  In addition to the flaps for the National Order of the Arrow Conference, Tamegonit Lodge also offered a service flap.  To earn the flap, a lodge member had to complete eight hours of service, fill out a card and have it signed by the lodge chief, camp director, Order of the Arrow coordinator or camp ranger.   Below is a scan of the service flap and a card signed by my dad, Jack Lewis, and Camp Ranger Lloyd Walker.



8-hour service_1sm

As previously mentioned, there were also NOAC flaps issued this year with a similar design, but with a grey or silver mylar border (trader/delegate) and the text, “1990 NOAC” in the “Service” text location.  Here’s an example:


However, the most intriguing example from 1990 is the red-bordered 1990 NOAC flap:


 When the 1990 8-hour service flaps were delivered, two flaps at approximately the middle of each pouch stated “1990 NOAC” rather than “Service”.  I was working in the trading post during Spring Conclave and watched as then-Lodge Chief Tom Sullivan destroyed some of the flaps with a Buck knife.  To my knowledge, at least one escaped the knife and is in a collection.  Are there more of these out there?

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I reached an agreement with the Camp Naish Trading Post to stock copies of my book, An Illustrated Guide to Tamegonit Lodge Memorabilia.  I am waiting on a shipment of books…once they arrive, I’ll get them out to camp.  Did you know that the Camp Naish Trading Post is open on Saturdays?  Saturday hours are 10am to 1pm and 3pm to 6 pm.

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One fond memory I have from my Scouting days is visiting the 1989 Jamboree in Fort A.P. Hill.  Our family of four drove from Kansas City to Washington, D.C. to do some siteseeing and to also spend time at the Jamboree.  It was a fun vacation that also including some Scouting.  At the jamboree I made my first trade, a Troop 86 neckerchief for another troop neckerchief (I don’t recall the number/location, but I still have it somewhere in a box). The highlight was going to the opening show and seeing a laser light production produced by Steven Spielberg, it sounds corny now, but it was pretty impressive to a 12 year old. 

Of course, there was plently of other memorobilia associated with the Jamboree including a few issues from Heart of America Council.  First up is the neckerchief:

HOAC 1989 Jamboree NCsm

I can imagine that multiple color combinations were used for the fabric and screen printing for each Jamboree troop from the Council, however, this is the only instance of the neckerchief that I have located.

In addition to the neckerchiefs, there were also CSPs.  The standard-issue CSP has a yellow border:

1989 NJ YELO Prot

And Jamboree attendees also received a gold mylar version of the patch:

1989 NJ GMY Prot

In addition to the two patches above, prototypes of these patches have also surfaced.  Here’s a look at some of the alternate border colors considered for this patch (purple, blue and red):

1989 NJ Pur Prot

1989 NJ blue Prot 1989 NJ Red Prot

Another interesting note is that the council-issued CSPs have vertical stitching in the background while the prototypes shown here (including the gold mylar and yellow varieties) have horizontal stitching.

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