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Here’s the third SNAWS post with patches from 1994, 1995 (staff), 1996, and 1997 (staff).

1994 SNAWS

1995 SNAWS - Staff1996 SNAWS

1997 SNAWS - Staff

 Also, I saw this auction with a bunch of SNAWS items, including several staff patches and hat pine, closed recently on eBay:

Here’s a summary of what was included in the lot:

As listed above, there are plenty more items from the SNAWS events.  I received an image of 1988 staff patch hat pin and the participant hat pin.  I’ll post those in the next few days.

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Following up on last week’s post, here are some more SNAWS patches:

1991 SNAWS

1992 SNAWS

1994 SNAWS

As you can see, I am missing a scan of the 1993 patch…the last of the images I have will come next week.

All of the SNAWS patch images were provided by Jody T. Thanks, Jody!

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This is the first of several posts about the Sharing Native American Ways Seminars (SNAWS) held jointly by Heart of America Council, BSA, Heart of America Indian Center, and the Kansas City Indian Club.  The first event was held in the mid 1980s and continues today under different leadership.  The primary goal of the event was to teach Scouts about tribal cultures and the lives of American Indians.  I attended the event at Oak Park High School in Kansas City, Missouri in 1992, but my memories of the event are a little clouded…however, I do have some images to share.  Here they are, beginning with 1988 (noted as SNAWS IV):

1988 SNAWS

1989 SNAWS

1990 SNAWS


I don’t know if there were any patches before 1988, but if you have one, please send an image along.

Also, the December 1997 issue of Scouting magazine has an article about the event (starting on page 30).

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