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Nineteen years ago I was on staff for the 1991 NC-3 Order of the Arrow Section Conclave hosted by Tamegonit Lodge at Camp Naish. 

Following are three patches issued for the event.  The first is the standard participant patch (purple border), next is the staff patch (silver mylar border) and then the key three patch (gold mylar border).  Each staff member and key three member was only given one of the mylar versions.  My dad and I each earned one staff patch at the event.

1991 NC-3 Section Conclave - Purple Border (Participant)

1991 NC-3 Section Conclave - Silver Mylar Border (Staff)

1991 NC-3 Section Conclave - Gold Mylar Border (Key Three)


In addition to the patches, a participation pin was also available for those who satisfied the established requirements.  The pin is pictured below as well.

1991 NC-3 Section Conclave - Participation Award Pin

Interestingly, the slogan “Many Fires, One Great Light” proved to be quite popular and was modified for use at the 1992 National Order of the Arrow Conference.  The slogan for that event was “Many Fires, One Great Light.” 

Tamegonit Lodge also hosted section/area conclaves in the following years:  1956 (8-D); 1961 (8-D); 1978 (NC-3C); 1985 (NC-3); 1991 (NC-3); 1996 (C-6); 1999 (C-6); 2000 (C-6); 2007 (C-5B).  Also, when Tamegonit has hosted the event, more often than not it has not been held at Camp Naish.  Naish was used in 1978, 1985, 1991 and 2007, but in other years the event has been at other locations such as Bonner Springs (1956), the University of Kansas (1961), Whiteman Air Force Base (1996 and 1999) and Fort Leavenworth (2000). 

You might be wondering where to find additional information (including scans of patches) about Section Conclaves attended by Kansas lodges…look no further than:  http://scoutingkansas.org/ksconclaves.aspx.  Mike has done a great job of compiling information on the many Kansas sections and their events.  Check it out!

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I just got an email from a friend and Kansas scouting memorabilia collector/historian, Mike Erickson, about his new website, Scouting History: Kansas and More. Check out his site for images of the 2010 100th Anniversary/Jamboree issues from some of the other councils and lodges serving Kansas:

  • Quivira Council / Kansa Lodge 198
  • Jayhawk Council / Dzie-Hauk Tonga Lodge 429
  • Santa Fe Trail Council / Mandan Lodge 372
  • Coronado Area Council / Kidi Kidish Lodge 434

Mike also plans to expand the site to include information about Kansas Boy Scout Camps and Section Conclaves. 

Way to go, Mike!


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