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As a collector, I have always been interested in seeing the early uniforms with patches and activity badges.  Up this week is a unique example of a uniform from the 1940s.  If each bar is represents one year returning to camp, this camper started camping at Naish in 1941 (if you assume the Daniel Boone patch also represents one year at camp) and camped through 1947. 


But wait!  The uniform was procured on eBay and when the winner opened the package, he inspected the pockets and found two more rockers, a 1948 and a 1949, that were not sewn to the shirt!


A fine example of a long-time camper from Camp Naish.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t any identifying information included with the shirt.  No doubt, this was a scout or scouter with a lot of stories to tell.

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