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This auction from a couple of weeks ago got me thinking about the SCOUTORAMA!

1961 Scoutorama Program Auction

In my experience, Kaw Council Scoutorama patches/memorabilia are generally dismissed by collectors as something that is not worth the effort of collecting.  Maybe it is because it seems there are so many 1972, 1973, 1974 Kaw Council Scoutorama patches floating around? 

After looking at the item above, it made me realize there are a lot of Kaw Council Scoutorama items out there (neckercheif slides, patches, programs)…the items below are probably just the tip of the ice bergorama.  I imagine the Scoutorama was a showcase of Scout skills similar to a Scout Show or a Round Up.  Interestingly the name of the event had several iterations “Scoutorama” “Royal Kaw-Rama” “Kaw-Rama” among them.  Also, I found it interesting that some of the programs state that the event was held in the American Royal Building…outside of the Kaw Council service area…in Missouri!

Scoutorama Neckerchief Slides


Kaw-Rama Patches


1953 and 1955 SCOUTORAMA Programs


And don’t forget the essential piece of your wardrobe…the 1971 Scoutorama belt buckle:


 The earliest item from the Scoutorama/Kaw-Rama I can pick out is the 1948 leather slide and the latest is the 1974 patch (the councils merged in 1974).  That means there are probably many more items from this event that are unaccounted for!  Keep an eye out and let me know if you find anything.

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Here’s an interesting flea market find:  a 1941 Boy Scout Round Up neckerchief from Kansas City.  According to “Trail to Eagle:  Six Decades of Scouting in Kansas City 1910-1970,”  Kansas City began hosting annual Boy Scout Round Ups in 1912.  The book states that it was an indoor event intended to showcase Boy Scout skills (pioneering, first aid, firebuilding, etc.) and that the Kansas City event was the first of its kind held indoors. 

The neckerchief is a standard-issue Boy Scout neckerchief with a stencil/block print on top.  It could have been made on site and available to the boys or possibly made by a troop to wear during the event.  I’ve never seen an item similar to this but would enjoy seeing a picture of yours if you have one.

1941 Kansas City Boy Scout Round Up

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