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I’ve added a new gallery – this time for Heart of America Council JSPs. As you can see, I’m missing a couple of images (1997 National Jamboree – red border and 2001 National Jamboree gold mylar border).  If you have these patches, please send a scan!  Also, if anyone has the troop numbers to go along with the various border colors, or if you have any other items to add please contact me.

Here’s the link – Heart of America Council JSP gallery

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I’ve added a new page which includes a gallery of Heart of America Council CSPs. Special thanks to Jody T. and Ryan M. for providing some of the images. As you can see, I am missing scans of three CSPs. If you have these issues, please send me a scan (preferably with a white background). You can send the images to me a this email address.

Also, if you see anything that needs to be corrected/added, please feel free to contact me.

Heart of America Council CSP Gallery

JSPs might be next…

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