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With thanks to Andy Dubill, I am pleased to offer for download a book titled, “The Patches of Camp Theodore Naish”.  The book contains images of many of the patches issued for Camp Naish dating back to the early 1930s.  It was put together in 1996 by several collectors in the Kansas City area.  Since that time, several additional patches have been discovered, many of which are included here at Broad Kaw Valley.  Nonetheless, it is a great resource for Camp Naish collectors/enthusiasts.   If you have any additions for future editions of the book, Andy’s email address is included in the document.

The Patches of Camp Theodore Naish

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 I am pleased to announce the publication of An Illustrated Guide to Tamegonit Lodge Memorabilia 1939-2009.  The book includes over 140 pages and contains high-resolution images of all of the major patch and flap issues from Tamegonit Lodge #147.  In addition, there are sections on rare and one of a kind items, arrowhead neckerchief slides, prototypes and paper items from the lodge.  Each chapter includes a narrative section and full color images of Tamegonit Lodge memorabilia. 

To download a sample chapter from An Illustrated Guide to Tamegonit Lodge Memorabilia click on the link below:

Download Sample Chapter

To purchase a copy through CreateSpace ($16.95), click on the link below:

An Illustrated Guide to Tamegonit Lodge Memorabilia

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