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Following is a message from Tamegonit Lodge 2012 NOAC Advisor, Rick Petty regarding an upcoming auction/sale that will be held during Winter Banquet.  The event is on January 15.  Here’s a link for the more information on Winter Banquet.

Looking at the list below, there are several interesting items including the spirit turtles and two big collections of event patches.   Best of all, the proceeds go to help Arrowmen attend upcoming national events. 

The 2012 NOAC Committee will be sponsoring a silent auction during the banquet to raise funds to help offset transportation costs to OA National events such as SummitCorps, Indian Summer and the 2012 National Order of the Arrow Conference.  We will have a large variety of Tamegonit event patches and flaps up for auction as well as a few items for sale.  Please consider supporting the silent auction while at the banquet.

Auction items include:

The “Ultimate Tamegonit Lodge Event Patch Collection” which includes over 80 event patches.

A complete set of framed 2006 NOAC patches

A complete set of framed 2009 NOAC patches

A complete set of framed Lodge Spirit Turtle patches

An Illustrated Guide to Tamegonit Lodge Memorabilia autographed by author Kory Lewis

A complete set of framed 2008, 2009 and 2010 Lodge event feather patches

A-2 Arrowhead with F-2 Lodge flap 

Complete year sets of Lodge event patches from 1997 through 2004

1960 Kaw Council BSA Staff neckerchief

1974 Camp Naish Kaw Council neckerchief

A variety of Lodge flaps and other patches


Items for sale include:

2009 NOAC Trader sets

2004 jacket patches

2007 center patches

A special thanks goes out to Gene Tuley, Dave Evans, Jody Tucker, Kory Lewis, Kirk Doan, Skip McGurk, John Schatzel, Rick Ledgerwood, Warren Minear and the 2010 LEC for their donations and support for this auction.

In cheerful service,

Richard Petty

2012 NOAC Advisor

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Nineteen years ago I was on staff for the 1991 NC-3 Order of the Arrow Section Conclave hosted by Tamegonit Lodge at Camp Naish. 

Following are three patches issued for the event.  The first is the standard participant patch (purple border), next is the staff patch (silver mylar border) and then the key three patch (gold mylar border).  Each staff member and key three member was only given one of the mylar versions.  My dad and I each earned one staff patch at the event.

1991 NC-3 Section Conclave - Purple Border (Participant)

1991 NC-3 Section Conclave - Silver Mylar Border (Staff)

1991 NC-3 Section Conclave - Gold Mylar Border (Key Three)


In addition to the patches, a participation pin was also available for those who satisfied the established requirements.  The pin is pictured below as well.

1991 NC-3 Section Conclave - Participation Award Pin

Interestingly, the slogan “Many Fires, One Great Light” proved to be quite popular and was modified for use at the 1992 National Order of the Arrow Conference.  The slogan for that event was “Many Fires, One Great Light.” 

Tamegonit Lodge also hosted section/area conclaves in the following years:  1956 (8-D); 1961 (8-D); 1978 (NC-3C); 1985 (NC-3); 1991 (NC-3); 1996 (C-6); 1999 (C-6); 2000 (C-6); 2007 (C-5B).  Also, when Tamegonit has hosted the event, more often than not it has not been held at Camp Naish.  Naish was used in 1978, 1985, 1991 and 2007, but in other years the event has been at other locations such as Bonner Springs (1956), the University of Kansas (1961), Whiteman Air Force Base (1996 and 1999) and Fort Leavenworth (2000). 

You might be wondering where to find additional information (including scans of patches) about Section Conclaves attended by Kansas lodges…look no further than:  http://scoutingkansas.org/ksconclaves.aspx.  Mike has done a great job of compiling information on the many Kansas sections and their events.  Check it out!

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As the BSA Centennial comes to an end, I want to highlight a patch from the area that many won’t see around…the 2010 Vigil overnight patch.  Specific criteria have been established for Vigil honor members to earn these patches during Tamegonit Lodge’s Vigil weekend.  Only one is awarded per member per year and are designed to be worn on a member’s Vigil vest:

Tamegonit Lodge Vigil Vest with Overnight Awards

Initially given out in 1995, a total of 1,017 of these patches had been awarded through  2010.  Two special versions of this patch have been issued: one with a gold mylar border for  the 2005 50th Anniversary of the first Vigil ceremony for the Lodge and this year’s red bordered Centennial version.  Each patch is numbered and a record is kept by the Lodge.  The standard patches use the standard numbering system (1, 2, 3..) and do not start over each year;  the 50th Anniversary patches are numbered with 50-X (where X = the patch issue number) and the Centennial patches are numbered C-X (where X = the patch issue number).  Here’s the standard version:

Tamegonit Lodge - Standard Vigil Overnight Award

One hundred of gold mylar patches were made; of the total 92 were awarded, one was placed in the Tamegonit Lodge collection, and the remaining were destroyed.  The 92 awarded in 2005 were the most ever awarded at one Vigil Banquet, followed by 83 distributed in 2008.

Tamegonit Lodge - 2005 Vigil Award

This year, 200 patches were made; of the total 96 were awarded, one was placed in the Tamegonit Lodge collection at the Great House, and the remaining were destroyed.  Ninety six marks the most patches awarded in one year, followed by 92 in 2005.  Do you patch collectors see a correlation?

Tamegonit Lodge - Centennial Vigil Overnight Award

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NOAC Jackets

 Collectors of Tamegonit Lodge memorobilia are familiar with the NOAC back patches used for contingent members in 1986 and 1988, but did you know there were actually jackets that accompanied the patches?  According to members of the contingents, each contingent member could purchase one of the loose patches and also had the opportunity to purchase a nylon jacket with the patch (gasp!) sewn to the back.  Following are scans of the unsewn patches.  According to Tamegonit Lodge, The First Fifty Years, 96 of the 1986 back patch were made and 103 of the 1988 back patch were made.  It is unclear how many of the patches were sewn to jackets.

1986 NOAC Back Patch

1986 NOAC Back Patch

1988 NOAC Back Patch

1988 NOAC Back Patch

 Here’s an image of both jackets which belong to contingent member and former lodge advisor, Kirk Doan.

NOAC back patches sewn to contingent jackets

NOAC back patches sewn to contingent jackets


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Tamegonit Lodge’s pie-shaped issues (P1 and P2) are intended to be sewn to a neckerchief, much like the arrowhead issues from the Lodge. The lodge-approved directions for assembling a neckerchief are shown below:

NC directionssm

In looking at the final line of the directions, it appears that they were printed in August of 1976 (8/76), but the use of the white neckerchief dates back to the arrowhead neckerchiefs of the 1950s.

Here’s the typical result using the directions:

P1 on Silk Neckerchief

P1 on Silk Neckerchief

 In my experience, the pie-shaped issues are most frequently found off of a neckerchief.  This could be due to the effort and skill set required to assemble a neckerchief.  However, there were certainly several kind mothers who did accomplish this feat, resulting in a wide range of materials, ribbon color and texture variation.  Given the variety of materials and construction techniques, the assembled neckerchief can resemble a piece of folk art and is a truly unique addition to a collection.

 Shown below is the 1999 Fall Fellowship patch, which I’ve called P3.  This patch was created to celebrate the 60thAnniversary of Tamegonit Lodge.  At first glance it would appear to be a P issue. In reality it is an event issue, but is included in this book for reference.  To celebrate the lodge’s 60th Anniversary, the author created a neckerchief following the 1974 instructions for the older P1 and P2 patches.


60th Anniversary Neckerchief

60th Anniversary Neckerchief

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Beaded Flap

Beaded Order of the Arrow sashes have always been items that generate a great deal of interest, particularly to those interested in the ceremonial aspects of the Order.  I remember seeing the fully beaded sashes with the beaded legend on the back used by the Tamegonit Lodge ceremonial team.  Assuming these are made by hand, it would take a tremendous amount of time and tedious work to construct one of these sashes.  I did a quick search and there are several tutorials on how to construct your own beaded flap if you so choose.

In that same vein, here is a beaded Tamegonit Lodge flap from the early 1980s:

Beaded Flap

Beaded Flap

Made by a lodge member at the time, the flap is similar in size to a typical flap and appears to be modeled after the S11 flap shown below which dates to 1984-85.  The beaded flap has jewel-type beads that give the appearance of a mylar border. 



An interesting item that could be repeated by an industrius Arrowman with plently of time on his hands.

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I reached an agreement with the Camp Naish Trading Post to stock copies of my book, An Illustrated Guide to Tamegonit Lodge Memorabilia.  I am waiting on a shipment of books…once they arrive, I’ll get them out to camp.  Did you know that the Camp Naish Trading Post is open on Saturdays?  Saturday hours are 10am to 1pm and 3pm to 6 pm.

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 I am pleased to announce the publication of An Illustrated Guide to Tamegonit Lodge Memorabilia 1939-2009.  The book includes over 140 pages and contains high-resolution images of all of the major patch and flap issues from Tamegonit Lodge #147.  In addition, there are sections on rare and one of a kind items, arrowhead neckerchief slides, prototypes and paper items from the lodge.  Each chapter includes a narrative section and full color images of Tamegonit Lodge memorabilia. 

To download a sample chapter from An Illustrated Guide to Tamegonit Lodge Memorabilia click on the link below:

Download Sample Chapter

To purchase a copy through CreateSpace ($16.95), click on the link below:

An Illustrated Guide to Tamegonit Lodge Memorabilia

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