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The Friday Whatzit

Periodically (on Fridays), I will post an image submitted for identification, better known as a Whatzit.  First off is this neckerchief submitted by Jody Tucker:

Unidentified Naish Neckerchief

  • Do you recognize this neckerchief?
  • 1971 Paul Bunyan camp out?
  • Troop 71 summer camp neckerchief?
  • Something else?

Please email me if you have any information on this Whatzit.

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I just added a new feature to the blog – “Questions & Suggestions”

If you have questions about something in your collection, send me an image and I will try to identify it. If I can’t figure it out, it might be the subject of a future post on Broad Kaw Valley.

Also, if you have an idea for a post, please contact me through the “Questions & Suggestions”
page. Better yet, if you write something up, send it over, you might be a guest author on Broad Kaw Valley!  I’ve got a long list of ideas, but I’m bound to run out at some time.

You can also access the “Questions & Suggestions” page by clicking on the link above the header on the main page.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Thanks for visiting Broad Kaw Valley – The intent of the blog is to discuss Kansas City area scouting memorabilia from collections that I feel are interesting and to also discover some of the history behind the events and artifacts associated with scouting in the greater Kansas City region. I also hope to keep things up to date with respect to the latest patch issues from the Kansas City area.  The plan is to provide weekly posts (typically on Tuesday morning) covering a wide range of Kansas City scouting memorabilia and history.

Feel free to leaves comments by clicking the links below the posts.  Also, if you have any suggestions for posts, I’d like to hear them.  Finally, if you have have questions about scouting memorabilia from the Kansas City area, feel free to send them to me.  I will try my best to answer them.  Who knows, it might become the subject of a post! 

Look for another post on Tuesday morning.

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2009 Kansas City Trade-O-Ree

Ryan Meador is organizing the Greater Kansas City Area Trade-O-Ree
Boy Scout Swap Meet and Memorabilia Show on February 27-28 at Hillside Christian Church in the northland. Proceeds from the event
benefit the Heart of America Camp Staff Scholarship Fund. For more information head to Ryan’s webpage:

Kansas City Trade-O-Ree

It should be a good event. Ryan told me that they sold out 30+ tables last year and expect to have more this year.

Admission is FREE.

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As a Boy Scout memorabilia collector, my collecting interests have varied widely over the years Jamboree oddities, rank patches, Kansas Order of the Arrow lodges, NOAC patches, etc. As I’ve aged, I think I’ve finally narrowed my collecting interests down to events or places I’ve actually experienced or have an association. This narrows it down pretty quickly for me. I grew up in Olathe, Kansas, camped and served on staff at Camp Naish, and am a member of Tamegonit Lodge. So specifically, I collect Camp Naish, Tamegonit Lodge, and Kaw Council items. In addition, I have always been curious about the history behind the aforementioned collecting interests; which brings me to the point of this blog. My intent is to discuss pieces from my collection and others’ that I feel are interesting and to also discover some of the history behind the events and memorabilia associated with Camp Naish, Tamegonit Lodge and Kaw Council and from time to time the greater Kansas City region. I also hope to keep things up to date with respect to the latest issues from Tamegonit Lodge. I’ve got a list of post ideas including some interesting (to me at least) non-traditional collectible items from Camp Naish.

Stay tuned.

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