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Go Chiefs!

In honor of the Kansas City Chiefs winning the AFC West Division Championship, this week’s focus will be on sports themed patches…here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve seen:

Kansas City Chiefs - Touchdown Day for Scouting

I don’t have much background information on these patches and they are usually treated as a novelty…but, if you have any information or other similar patches, please share what you know. Good luck to the Chiefs in the last week of the season and moving in to the playoffs.

Kansas City Royals - 1980s

Kansas City Kings - NBA Basketball (1972-1985)

Kansas City Scouts - NHL Hockey (1974-1976)

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This week I’ve got some great images of old Camp Guides used to provide information about the summer camp experience at Osage Scout Camp (1920), Ginger Blue Scout Camp (1921), and Camp Dan Sayre (1923).  Additionally, I’ve included a 1922 Annual Report from the Kansas City Council with an image of an early Eagle Scout from the Kansas City area.  For more information about early camp experiences for Kansas City Boy Scouts, make sure to check out Andy Dubill’s book titled, “IN THE WOODS.”  He’s also written mutiple articles on the subject for the International Scouting Collectors Association Journal.

Osage Scout Camp - 1920

Ginger Blue Scout Camp - 1921

Camp Dan Sayre - 1923

1922 Annual Report

Thanks Jody T for the images.

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In a rare double post, here are some more Brownsea items, this time from the late 1980s.   Included is another neckerchief, patrol ribbon identification, and a Brownsea Troop photo.  Coincidentally, I recognize a few faces in the crowd.  Do you?

Brownsea Participant Neckerchief, BRIGHT orange

Patrol Identification Ribbons, one with a Heart of America Council Brownsea Pin

Brownsea Troop 22 - mid to late 1980s

Thanks to Matt P. for sharing the images.

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A few weeks ago, I posted some images from Heart of America Council’s Brownsea leadership training program.  Since then, I’ve received several more images to share.  We have three staff and one participant neckerchiefs from the early 1980s.  Interestingly, two of the neckerchiefs from the same year are different colors…are there more colors for each year?  As I said before, I think this is the tip of the iceberg for HOAC Brownsea items…I have more images to share later this morning.   Here it goes:

1982 Brownsea Staff Neckerchief, brown

1981 Brownsea Staff Neckerchief, orange

1981 Brownsea Staff Neckerchief, blue

1980 Brownsea Participant Neckerchief, orange

 Big thanks to Jody T. for the images.  As always, if you have images to share, please contact me.

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Here are a few interesting local items that ended in the last week. If they were items you are looking for, I hope you didn’t miss them!

Camp Naish Frontiersman - Green Arrowheads

Tamgegonit Lodge P1 on neckerchief with Vigil ribbon (red on blue)

Rim Rock Trail medal included with an Eagle Scout Medal and another unidentified medal

Update: Matt P. wrote to say that the medal on the right is from the Moniteau Trail in Moberly, Missouri. Thanks, Matt!

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As the Centennial year for the Boy Scouts of America winds down, let’s rewind 50 years to BSA Golden Jubilee (50 years) and the 1960 National Jamboree held in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  The following images show several neckerchiefs one with a handmade look to it (Troop 52) and four with the same design, but of different colors.  I assume these each represent different troops from Kaw Council…but I don’t  have information to back that up. I found three of the neckerchiefs (red, yellow, green) together with a “Prairie Village”  red and white community strip and a “77” troop numeral patch (not two separate 7s, but one patch with two 7s). Troop 77 may have been one of the jamboree troops from Kaw Council. Also, the Troop 52 neckerchief could be out of Lawrence, Kansas, home to non-Jamboree Troop 52. This could have been made for Scouts that visited the Jamboree from Lawrence or a 2nd neckerchief for one of the four troops…or something else altogether. Have a look:

Kaw Council Troop 52, 1960 National Jamboree Neckerchief

Kaw Council 1960 National Jamboree neckerchief, blue

Kaw Council 1960 National Jamboree neckerchief, yellow

Kaw Council 1960 National Jamboree neckerchief, red

Interestingly, the 1960 Camp Naish summer camp staff neckerchief had a similar design with a few minor modifications: the green cloth is a lighter green and adds the text “Staff” below the 50th anniversary image. See below for a close up comparison.

Kaw Council 1960 National Jamboree neckerchief, green (top) and Camp Naish 1960 Staff neckerchief (bottom)

As always, if you have more images to add, please let me know!

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