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I received the following image from a man who attended the 1950 National Jamboree as a member of the Kaw Council contingent.   It is a neckerchief on red cloth with hand-painted covered wagon, sunflower, and wheat – the design uses negative space to reveal “KAW”.  He thought he had some council trading items and pictures – but hasn’t been able to find them yet…

1950 National Jamboree Kaw Council Neckerchief

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Two weeks ago I posted some sports-themed patches, including one for the Kansas City Chiefs. Thanks to reader Mike E., we have three more Chiefs patches shown below. Hopefully the patches will bring the Chiefs some playoff luck, but I think they’ll need more than Boypower to beat the Baltimore Ravens.

Thanks, Mike E.! Go Chiefs!

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This auction from a couple of weeks ago got me thinking about the SCOUTORAMA!

1961 Scoutorama Program Auction

In my experience, Kaw Council Scoutorama patches/memorabilia are generally dismissed by collectors as something that is not worth the effort of collecting.  Maybe it is because it seems there are so many 1972, 1973, 1974 Kaw Council Scoutorama patches floating around? 

After looking at the item above, it made me realize there are a lot of Kaw Council Scoutorama items out there (neckercheif slides, patches, programs)…the items below are probably just the tip of the ice bergorama.  I imagine the Scoutorama was a showcase of Scout skills similar to a Scout Show or a Round Up.  Interestingly the name of the event had several iterations “Scoutorama” “Royal Kaw-Rama” “Kaw-Rama” among them.  Also, I found it interesting that some of the programs state that the event was held in the American Royal Building…outside of the Kaw Council service area…in Missouri!

Scoutorama Neckerchief Slides


Kaw-Rama Patches


1953 and 1955 SCOUTORAMA Programs


And don’t forget the essential piece of your wardrobe…the 1971 Scoutorama belt buckle:


 The earliest item from the Scoutorama/Kaw-Rama I can pick out is the 1948 leather slide and the latest is the 1974 patch (the councils merged in 1974).  That means there are probably many more items from this event that are unaccounted for!  Keep an eye out and let me know if you find anything.

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There were some great K.C. Area items on eBay last week.  A source tells me that these items were part of an estate located near 95th and Mission.  The seller has items from a father and son who were both involved in Boy Scouts in their youth.  There are quite a few paper items connected to these two Scouts on eBay currently.  Here’s a quick rundown of the two highlights from last week…if you click on the photos below, it will bring up a PDF of the auction listing with pictures.

The first auction to go was a big one…the lot included 12 patches from the 1920s which included some decent non-KC area items:  a patrol leader patch with felt bars, an early star badge, Troop 10 felt numeral, and an early version of Mining Merit Badge.  The more exciting items were the  Camp Dan Sayre (used by Kansas City Council in the early 1920s, located near Noel, Missouri)  felts.  These included:  the 1928 and 1929 camper felts, a 1929 Honor Troop felt.  Also, the lot included a 1943 Camp Osceola triangle.  For more images of Osceola/Dan Sayre felts click here.  The other interesting items were the four felt “10” diamonds.  I have not seen those before, but my guess is that they have something to do with Troop 10.  Bidding got pretty heated towards the end of the auction, with the final bidding going over $2,500! 

Collection of Troop 10 and Camp Dan Sayre Felts

The second auction included a nice false merit badge sleeve.  These were used in the 1920s as an alternative to sewing the merit badges directly to the sleeve.  The sleeve includes 33 merit badges (I am not a merit badge collector, but you can read up on them here ).  To me, the interesting items are the “4M” felts (one from 1924 and one from 1925).  4M (Muscles, Morals, Mind and Manhood) was a camp honor program used at both the Elk Springs camp used by Kansas City area scouts dating back to at least 1915 and also used at Camp Dan Sayre through most of the 1920s.  Here is a quick summary on 4M — interestingly, 1924 4M patch on that link is green, rather than blue… The sleeve also includes two additional patches that  haven’t seen before…the felt circles at the top with “E 21” and “E 22″…they are similar to the 4M patches and probably date from 1921 and 1922, respectively, but there’s not much else to go on…again, click on the images to load a PDF of the auction listing.

False Sleeve with Merit Badges and 4M Felts

It is great to see these items come up on eBay…they also introduce new questions to be answered…I take it they didn’t blog about their patches back in the 1920s?  As always, if you have any information or something similar to these items, please drop me a line.

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I was browsing eBay yesterday and the following item caught my eye…it is a drills manual from Troop 1 of Kansas City, Missouri. The print date is 1914. The preface reads, “Drills and marches are valuable because of the qualities they develop in the individual boy such as obedience to command, mental and physical alertness, and a good carriage.” How many Troops of today have their own drill manuals? I imagine not many do…  More importantly, how many Scouts have a good carriage

Click on the link below to the item.

Item number: 360314013080


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Here are a couple of interesting neckerchiefs from Kaw Council…the first is a 1968 Troop 45 neckerchief complete with Philmont bull design (thanks to Mike Berenson for letting me scan his neckerchief). 

1968 Troop 45 Philmont Contingent Neckerchief

The second neckerchief (thanks to Jody Tucker) is from what I believe to be a Camp Naish staff contingent to Philmont from 1962.  As shown on the neckerchief, the “TN” brand of Camp Naish is shown next to the “PS” brand from Philmont.  Several years ago I remember a reference to a Camp Staff contingent to Philmont from 1963 or so, but I haven’t been able to track it down.

Camp Naish Staff Philmont Contingent Neckerchief

I am certain there are more contingent neckerchiefs out there from the Kansas City area…if you’ve got one, please send a scan my way and I’ll post it!


Mike Berenson just sent along the following scan of a 1961 Kaw Council Philmont neckerchief.  The neckerchief is a little faded but the boots have the Philont brands on the soles in yellow ink.  Thanks Mike!

1961 Kaw Council Contingent Neckerchief

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With thanks to Andy Dubill, I am pleased to offer for download a book titled, “The Patches of Camp Theodore Naish”.  The book contains images of many of the patches issued for Camp Naish dating back to the early 1930s.  It was put together in 1996 by several collectors in the Kansas City area.  Since that time, several additional patches have been discovered, many of which are included here at Broad Kaw Valley.  Nonetheless, it is a great resource for Camp Naish collectors/enthusiasts.   If you have any additions for future editions of the book, Andy’s email address is included in the document.

The Patches of Camp Theodore Naish

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