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Previously I wrote about a felt star patch used by Troop 7 for Camp Naish attendance in 1934. At some point in the following years Camp Naish issued its first camp patch. The early patches are simple diamond-shaped patches with an N and a two digit year. Here are some examples:

Note that the images (scanned from Patches of Camp Theodore Naish, Andy Dubill) shown are not consecutive in year (missing 38).

This begs the following questions:

  • Was a patch issued for 1938? UPDATE – see: A Missing Piece to the Puzzle
  • Was a patch issued in 1935? Or earlier?
  • If so, what color are they?
  • The earliest year-dated rocker that I have seen is 1945. What was the last year that the felt diamonds were used?I don’t personally have one of these patches, but would like to add at least one to my collection. I have seen several wonderful examples on campimages.com and campnaish.org, both on uniforms and off. If you have a spare, let me know.
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    Kansas Sea Scouting

    A while back I posted about the S.S.S. Kansan and its success in the national flagship competitions in the early 1930s.  Mike Erickson over at scoutingkansas.org, has more information about the ship and its Skipper, Dr. William C. Menninger.  It is an interesting read with images of some of the early Sea Scout manuals for Skippers. Check it out!

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    I just got an email from a friend and Kansas scouting memorabilia collector/historian, Mike Erickson, about his new website, Scouting History: Kansas and More. Check out his site for images of the 2010 100th Anniversary/Jamboree issues from some of the other councils and lodges serving Kansas:

    • Quivira Council / Kansa Lodge 198
    • Jayhawk Council / Dzie-Hauk Tonga Lodge 429
    • Santa Fe Trail Council / Mandan Lodge 372
    • Coronado Area Council / Kidi Kidish Lodge 434

    Mike also plans to expand the site to include information about Kansas Boy Scout Camps and Section Conclaves. 

    Way to go, Mike!


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    Big thanks again to Matt Perryn for sending along a scan of the patches available at Camp Naish this summer to commemorate the BSA 100th Anniversary.  As shown below, there was a central patch and several different strips available for a variety of participants.  Matt tells me there is also a “Staff” bar, but we haven’t been able to turn up an image of it.  If you have one, please pass it along.


    Additionally, a 100th Anniversary rocker was given to Boy Scouts attending summer camp at Naish.  Thanks to my neighbors across the street, I was able to get one. Here’s a picture:

    Finally, here are two belt buckles sent along by Matt that were available this summer at the trading post at Camp Naish: one for Camp and one for Tamegonit Lodge.

    Camp Naish BSA 100 Anniversary Belt Buckle

    Tamegonit Lodge BSA 100th Anniversary Belt Buckle

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    Camp patches, particularly the old felt type, are popular items among collectors. I find some of them pretty fascinating in their design and construction, particularly those that have multiple pieces layered together rather than a screen print design. Andy Dubill put together a collection of images of Camp Naish patches called The Patches of Camp Theodore Naish which has some nice old felt camp patches. The oldest Camp Naish-related issue appears to be a troop-issued felt star from Troop 7 from Kansas City, Kansas:

    This one was used in 1934, but was it the first year they used the stars?

    Since there were many other troops camping at Naish during its early days, including my own Troop 86, it makes me wonder if there are other troop-issued felt patches or neckerchiefs from this time. Ask your grandpa and your great-grandpa and let me know what you find out.

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    Collectors of Tamegonit Lodge know that the first patch issued was the A1 arrowhead neckerchief patch. It is the largest arrowhead from 147, measuring 110 mm tall. A majority of the arrowhead patches I have seen have blue detailing in the totem pole and in the split shingle sign at the base of the pole (the Tennessee-shaped part). Here is an example from my collection, it is an A1b (the ‘b’ variety has pale blue details):

    A1b - the 'b' variety has pale blue details

    Over the years at least three versions of the A1 have surfaced with white details in place of blue. Here are the examples:


    Some might speculate that the blue threads have faded over time to turn white. I have looked closely at two of them and there did not appear to be any residual blue in the threads. Another counter argument to the faded theory is this: wouldn’t the other colors in the patch (red and brown) be faded as well?

  • Does anyone have one of these in their collection?
  • Was the patch factory out of blue thread that day?
  • What should this be called? A1d?
  • Any other theories on why the threads are white?
  • UPDATE:  Another instance of the white thread A1 has surfaced in a recent eBay auction.

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    In addition to the Jamboree 2-piece set I posted two weeks ago, Tamegonit Lodge has also issued a 100th anniversary flap.  The design is similar to the ubiquitous S-13 and S-45 flaps with the subtle addition of “100th” surrounding the fleur-de-lis.  From what I understand, these are available at the Camp Naish trading post, which is generally open on the weekends now that the summer camping season is coming to a close.  Thanks to Matt Perryn for the scan!

    Tamegonit Lodge - BSA 100th Anniversary Flap

     Note:  The background color looks almost looks black  in the scan, but it is actually dark green.

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    As summer winds down, here’s an interesting grouping of troop-issued summer camp neckerchiefs for Naish and Bartle. These are from Troop 86 in Olathe, Kansas. I am not sure how many different neckerchiefs were made by Troop 86, but they’ve been camping at Naish and Bartle for quite a while, so I gather there are many more out there stowed away in boxes and drawers. Here’s a sampling (Thanks to Matt Perryn for the first two images):

    1983 - Camp Sawmill - Bartle Scout Reservation

    Camp Bartle - Undated

    1987 - Camp Naish

    Camp Naish - 1990

    Camp Naish - Undated (I got this when I went to Naish in 1989)

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