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Okay, hopefully way in the back of your mind you’ve been wondering why you haven’t seen any posts lately from Broad Kaw Valley…the truth is, I’ve been working on another website project:  Kansas City Scouting Museum.  The new site is a virtual collection of Kansas City Scouting memorabilia that I’ve been working on with frequent BKV contributor Matt Perryn.  Matt will share some of the editing responsibilities for the site and will provide a boost from the Missouri side of the state line.

The centerpiece of the new site is the galleries section which will ultimately house many images of Scouting memorabilia from the Kansas City region and beyond.  Some of the galleries so far include Mic-O-Say Tribal Feast patches, Tamgeognit Lodge event patches, Kansas City Area Council activities, and Kansas military base shoulder strips — with more to come.  A few of the areas we’re trying to build/expand are the Troop neckerchiefs (both Eagle Scout and regular issue), Philmont trek items, and Brownsea/JLT items.  Several of the other galleries have images as well, feel free to poke around to find out what we have uploaded so far.  As always, if you have images to share, please contact us.

The site will also be online home of the Kansas City Trade-O-Ree held each spring and will include a blog and a resources section to download books and other information.

Finally, the Kansas City Scouting Museum will have a facebook presence to keep you updated on additions to our image collections.  Make sure to like the new page!

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