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I recently felt the urge to find my Eagle Scout neckerchief…and when I did I also found my dad’s and my brother’s.  There are all sorts of Eagle Scout neckerchiefs out there ranging from BSA National-issue to homemade.  The three neckerchiefs shown below are in between — modifications of standard Troop neckerchiefs.  In each case ribbon has been added to the edge of the neckerchief to add a red, white and blue/Eagle Scout effect.  On the latter two, the words “Eagle Scout” and the year the award was earned is embroidered above the troop logo.  I like the understated look of the neckerchiefs.   In chronological order:

Jack Lewis, 1962, Troop 299, Asbury Methodist Church, Prairie Village Kansas

Eric Lewis, 1988, Troop 86, First United Methodist Church, Olathe, Kansas

Kory Lewis, 1992, Troop 86,First United Methodist Church, Olathe, Kansas

What does your troop use to honor Eagle Scouts?   If you have an Eagle Scout neckerchief from the Kansas City area that you would like to share, send me a picture and any pertinent information (year earned, troop location, Scout’s name) and I’ll post it.

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As I wrote a few weeks ago, my dad attended Camp Naish with Troop 299 of Prairie Village, Kansas from 1960-1962. Following is a scan of his camp information packet provided by his troop from 1960.  Click on each image for a larger version.

Opening page with Camp Naish “TN” brand and Troop 299 logo (plus my dad’s name typed on a small piece of paper):


Important songs to know for camp, all of which are still used today:


Dos and Don’ts 


Finally, What to Bring to Camp – complete with my dad’s checkmarks, the old camp address and a warning from the Council Health and Safety Committee that NO WATERMELONS are permitted at camp.  Why?


How many scouts used a straw tick mattress at camp this summer?

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