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As I posted previously, I was on the organizing committee for the Camp Naish 75th Anniversary celebration held on June 30, 2001. I helped make arrangements for the memorabilia display in the South Camp Dining Hall. In addition to my collection, Mike Schieders, Gene Tuley, and Jim McDuff (and others that I might have forgotten) all brought out their displays to share with those in attendance.

As a special thank you, I received a limited-run silver mylar version of the 75th Anniversary patch. Here is an image of it along with a letter from Jody Tucker, who was the chair of the committee. I am not sure how many of these were made, but there were about a dozen of us on the committee.

Click for a Larger View of the letter

It was a great event and I look forward to celebrating more anniversaries at Camp Naish.

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Through the years Camp Naish anniversaries have been celebrated with special events and patches. I was on the 75th Camp Naish Anniversary committee in 2001, helping organize the memorabilia display in the South Camp dining hall. Here’s a look at some of the special issues used to honor the history of Camp Naish:

1986 60th Anniversary

1991 65th Anniversary

1996 70th Anniversary (based on the Packard High Adventure Base Patch)

2001 75th Anniversary

2001 75th Anniversary Take Two

Note: The first batch came back with the wrong Indian head artwork and were replaced with this version. Here’s the letter explaining what happeded:

Click for a Larger Version of the Letter

2001 75th Anniversary Neckerchief for former staff members

There was also another special issue 75th Anniversary patch for the organizing committee that I will post about soon.

Was there an 80th Anniversary patch for 2006?

Am I forgetting any others?

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It is hard to believe that it has been twenty years since my first year as a Boy Scout camping at Camp Naish. 1989 was my first year as a camper and also the 50th anniversary of Tamegonit Lodge. In addition to the 50th anniversary flaps, here are a few interesting items that the lodge used to celebrate:

The lodge’s first two odd-shapes (X1 and x2) were issued as part of the Lodge’s 1989 50thAnniversary celebration.  The event patches for this year (1989 Spring Conclave, 1989 Fall Fellowship, and 1990 Winter Banquet) combined to form the numeral “50”.  The oval- shaped patches were intended to fit in the center of the “0” in the “50”.  The X2 was awarded to members of the Lodge who accumulated enough points during the year based on attending different events (national and lodge), attending ceremonies and meetings, or working hours at Camp Naish. 

 The X1 was available for purchase through the trading post as part of a set that included the three event patches.  My mom gave me the money to buy this set during Camp Naish family night in the summer of 1990. Thanks, Mom! The X2 below was earned by my dad. Following is a scan of his scorecard.



Achievement Award Score Card Side 1

Achievement Award Score Card Side 1

Achievement Award Score Card Side 2

Achievement Award Score Card Side 2

At the conclusion of the Lodge’s 50th Anniversary, the 1990 Winter Banquet, a silent auction was held for the sale of a framed set of the X1 and accompanying event patches.  Lodge member Bob Norris won the set for approximately $50 and still has it today.

Framed 50th Anniversary Patches

Framed 50th Anniversary Patches

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