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Following is a message from Tamegonit Lodge 2012 NOAC Advisor, Rick Petty regarding an upcoming auction/sale that will be held during Winter Banquet.  The event is on January 15.  Here’s a link for the more information on Winter Banquet.

Looking at the list below, there are several interesting items including the spirit turtles and two big collections of event patches.   Best of all, the proceeds go to help Arrowmen attend upcoming national events. 

The 2012 NOAC Committee will be sponsoring a silent auction during the banquet to raise funds to help offset transportation costs to OA National events such as SummitCorps, Indian Summer and the 2012 National Order of the Arrow Conference.  We will have a large variety of Tamegonit event patches and flaps up for auction as well as a few items for sale.  Please consider supporting the silent auction while at the banquet.

Auction items include:

The “Ultimate Tamegonit Lodge Event Patch Collection” which includes over 80 event patches.

A complete set of framed 2006 NOAC patches

A complete set of framed 2009 NOAC patches

A complete set of framed Lodge Spirit Turtle patches

An Illustrated Guide to Tamegonit Lodge Memorabilia autographed by author Kory Lewis

A complete set of framed 2008, 2009 and 2010 Lodge event feather patches

A-2 Arrowhead with F-2 Lodge flap 

Complete year sets of Lodge event patches from 1997 through 2004

1960 Kaw Council BSA Staff neckerchief

1974 Camp Naish Kaw Council neckerchief

A variety of Lodge flaps and other patches


Items for sale include:

2009 NOAC Trader sets

2004 jacket patches

2007 center patches

A special thanks goes out to Gene Tuley, Dave Evans, Jody Tucker, Kory Lewis, Kirk Doan, Skip McGurk, John Schatzel, Rick Ledgerwood, Warren Minear and the 2010 LEC for their donations and support for this auction.

In cheerful service,

Richard Petty

2012 NOAC Advisor

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NOAC Jackets

 Collectors of Tamegonit Lodge memorobilia are familiar with the NOAC back patches used for contingent members in 1986 and 1988, but did you know there were actually jackets that accompanied the patches?  According to members of the contingents, each contingent member could purchase one of the loose patches and also had the opportunity to purchase a nylon jacket with the patch (gasp!) sewn to the back.  Following are scans of the unsewn patches.  According to Tamegonit Lodge, The First Fifty Years, 96 of the 1986 back patch were made and 103 of the 1988 back patch were made.  It is unclear how many of the patches were sewn to jackets.

1986 NOAC Back Patch

1986 NOAC Back Patch

1988 NOAC Back Patch

1988 NOAC Back Patch

 Here’s an image of both jackets which belong to contingent member and former lodge advisor, Kirk Doan.

NOAC back patches sewn to contingent jackets

NOAC back patches sewn to contingent jackets


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