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A few weeks ago, I posted some images from Heart of America Council’s Brownsea leadership training program.  Since then, I’ve received several more images to share.  We have three staff and one participant neckerchiefs from the early 1980s.  Interestingly, two of the neckerchiefs from the same year are different colors…are there more colors for each year?  As I said before, I think this is the tip of the iceberg for HOAC Brownsea items…I have more images to share later this morning.   Here it goes:

1982 Brownsea Staff Neckerchief, brown

1981 Brownsea Staff Neckerchief, orange

1981 Brownsea Staff Neckerchief, blue

1980 Brownsea Participant Neckerchief, orange

 Big thanks to Jody T. for the images.  As always, if you have images to share, please contact me.

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As the Centennial year for the Boy Scouts of America winds down, let’s rewind 50 years to BSA Golden Jubilee (50 years) and the 1960 National Jamboree held in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  The following images show several neckerchiefs one with a handmade look to it (Troop 52) and four with the same design, but of different colors.  I assume these each represent different troops from Kaw Council…but I don’t  have information to back that up. I found three of the neckerchiefs (red, yellow, green) together with a “Prairie Village”  red and white community strip and a “77” troop numeral patch (not two separate 7s, but one patch with two 7s). Troop 77 may have been one of the jamboree troops from Kaw Council. Also, the Troop 52 neckerchief could be out of Lawrence, Kansas, home to non-Jamboree Troop 52. This could have been made for Scouts that visited the Jamboree from Lawrence or a 2nd neckerchief for one of the four troops…or something else altogether. Have a look:

Kaw Council Troop 52, 1960 National Jamboree Neckerchief

Kaw Council 1960 National Jamboree neckerchief, blue

Kaw Council 1960 National Jamboree neckerchief, yellow

Kaw Council 1960 National Jamboree neckerchief, red

Interestingly, the 1960 Camp Naish summer camp staff neckerchief had a similar design with a few minor modifications: the green cloth is a lighter green and adds the text “Staff” below the 50th anniversary image. See below for a close up comparison.

Kaw Council 1960 National Jamboree neckerchief, green (top) and Camp Naish 1960 Staff neckerchief (bottom)

As always, if you have more images to add, please let me know!

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I recently felt the urge to find my Eagle Scout neckerchief…and when I did I also found my dad’s and my brother’s.  There are all sorts of Eagle Scout neckerchiefs out there ranging from BSA National-issue to homemade.  The three neckerchiefs shown below are in between — modifications of standard Troop neckerchiefs.  In each case ribbon has been added to the edge of the neckerchief to add a red, white and blue/Eagle Scout effect.  On the latter two, the words “Eagle Scout” and the year the award was earned is embroidered above the troop logo.  I like the understated look of the neckerchiefs.   In chronological order:

Jack Lewis, 1962, Troop 299, Asbury Methodist Church, Prairie Village Kansas

Eric Lewis, 1988, Troop 86, First United Methodist Church, Olathe, Kansas

Kory Lewis, 1992, Troop 86,First United Methodist Church, Olathe, Kansas

What does your troop use to honor Eagle Scouts?   If you have an Eagle Scout neckerchief from the Kansas City area that you would like to share, send me a picture and any pertinent information (year earned, troop location, Scout’s name) and I’ll post it.

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At the Kansas City Trade-O-Ree in February 2009, Dave Evans had a couple of interesting neckerchiefs that he picked up at an estate sale:

1976 Camp Site Shawnee

1976 Camp Site Shawnee


Camp Site Sioux Neckerchief
Camp Site Sioux Neckerchief

Neither neckerchief appears to be professionally made judging by the quality and definition in the design.  They both appear to be made of a muslin material.  The 1975 neckerchief, complete with “Sioux” typo appears to be screen printed.  It is also not clear if these were made by a troop that camped in these sites or if all campsites had specific neckerchiefs during this time period.  Have you seen something similar?  Do you remember getting one as a camper?

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Tamegonit Lodge’s pie-shaped issues (P1 and P2) are intended to be sewn to a neckerchief, much like the arrowhead issues from the Lodge. The lodge-approved directions for assembling a neckerchief are shown below:

NC directionssm

In looking at the final line of the directions, it appears that they were printed in August of 1976 (8/76), but the use of the white neckerchief dates back to the arrowhead neckerchiefs of the 1950s.

Here’s the typical result using the directions:

P1 on Silk Neckerchief

P1 on Silk Neckerchief

 In my experience, the pie-shaped issues are most frequently found off of a neckerchief.  This could be due to the effort and skill set required to assemble a neckerchief.  However, there were certainly several kind mothers who did accomplish this feat, resulting in a wide range of materials, ribbon color and texture variation.  Given the variety of materials and construction techniques, the assembled neckerchief can resemble a piece of folk art and is a truly unique addition to a collection.

 Shown below is the 1999 Fall Fellowship patch, which I’ve called P3.  This patch was created to celebrate the 60thAnniversary of Tamegonit Lodge.  At first glance it would appear to be a P issue. In reality it is an event issue, but is included in this book for reference.  To celebrate the lodge’s 60th Anniversary, the author created a neckerchief following the 1974 instructions for the older P1 and P2 patches.


60th Anniversary Neckerchief

60th Anniversary Neckerchief

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Here are a couple of interesting neckerchiefs from Kaw Council…the first is a 1968 Troop 45 neckerchief complete with Philmont bull design (thanks to Mike Berenson for letting me scan his neckerchief). 

1968 Troop 45 Philmont Contingent Neckerchief

The second neckerchief (thanks to Jody Tucker) is from what I believe to be a Camp Naish staff contingent to Philmont from 1962.  As shown on the neckerchief, the “TN” brand of Camp Naish is shown next to the “PS” brand from Philmont.  Several years ago I remember a reference to a Camp Staff contingent to Philmont from 1963 or so, but I haven’t been able to track it down.

Camp Naish Staff Philmont Contingent Neckerchief

I am certain there are more contingent neckerchiefs out there from the Kansas City area…if you’ve got one, please send a scan my way and I’ll post it!


Mike Berenson just sent along the following scan of a 1961 Kaw Council Philmont neckerchief.  The neckerchief is a little faded but the boots have the Philont brands on the soles in yellow ink.  Thanks Mike!

1961 Kaw Council Contingent Neckerchief

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