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Yesterday brought the end of an auction for another interesting Kansas City area scouting item . If you didn’t see it, a shirt was listed as “1940s Vintage Boy Scout Patches &Shirt- Air Scout Patch”. The most interesting item to me was the “N 40” diamond (more on that in a minute), but I also thought the Air Scout patches added an interesting twist. Here’s a PDF of the listing (with all of the pictures): Boy Scout shirt listing

Here’s the interesting part: as I covered in the following post, there were two color combinations for the 1940 Camp Naish felt diamond…until last week. See below:

1940 Camp Naish Felt Diamond Varieties

Now we have blue with yellow, blue with red, and blue with white. Also, it appears that each of the blue felts are different colors…

This begs the questions: How many color combinations are there? What (if anything) do they signify?

For more reading on Camp Naish felt diamonds:

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I’ve added a new page which includes a gallery of Heart of America Council CSPs. Special thanks to Jody T. and Ryan M. for providing some of the images. As you can see, I am missing scans of three CSPs. If you have these issues, please send me a scan (preferably with a white background). You can send the images to me a this email address.

Also, if you see anything that needs to be corrected/added, please feel free to contact me.

Heart of America Council CSP Gallery

JSPs might be next…

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1958 NOAC – More Information

In response to my previous post, Matt P. tipped me off to a recent eBay listing that shows both the original and reproduction 1958 NOAC pocket patch.

Here’s a PDF of the listing: 1958 NOAC Pocket Patch Listing

The second page has a good view of the front and back of the patch.

Thanks, Matt!

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Given that the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas was the site for the 1958 National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC), it is only right for Tamegonit/Kansas OA collectors to add a 1958 NOAC pocket patch to their collection.  The question is:  when you find one, is it an original or a reproduction?  The following images are from the March 1998 American Scouting Traders Association Report feature article by John Conley Williams which provides some guidance on how to differentiate between the original and the reproduction patches.  The article notes that the reproductions were sold at the 1975 NOAC.  If I dig up a scan of the real and original, I’ll post those as well.

Thanks to Gene T. for the article scans.

Hopefully I haven’t ruined someone’s weekend when they use this article to discover that they have a reproduction…

Original or reproduction,  I’ll leave you with this image of a neckerchief slide I spotted on eBay a while back…a Univeristy of Kansas Jayhawk wearing a brotherhood sash.

When are Vigil nominations due?

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