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Kaw Outpost

This week we have two interesting Outpost patches that I picked up at an auction a while back.  They are Kaw Outpost patches awarded to campers that participated in the program at Camp Naish.  As with many other camps, the leadership at Camp Naish tried various programs to attract older scouts back to camp with interesting activities.  These patches date to the early 1960s and were used following the outpost rockers.


I am not sure how long these patches were used for the program or if there is any significance between the color schemes.

If you have any information about the patches, drop me a line.

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Up this week is a series of Naish Outpost rockers.  As indicated in the first image, the patch was used to encircle the regular-issue Camp Naish patch.  Pictured is one sewn to an Explorer uniform from Troop 52 out of Lawrence, Kansas.  The Outpost program was used to attract older Scouts back to camp that had already earned most of the merit badges, but still wanted a Scout summer camp experience.   


This iteration of the Outpost program in Kaw Council was active for several years and included a variety of activities such as hiking, backcountry-style camping.

 As shown below, I have located images of the rockers starting with 1954 and ending in 1960 (with the exception of 1959). 



  • Does anyone know when the Outpost program began using these rockers?
  • Was the rocker used in 1959?
  • How about after 1960?

Please let me know if you have any addtional rockers.

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