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1990, the year I was inducted into Tamegonit Lodge 147, was also the 75th Annivserary of the Order of the Arrow.  In addition to the flaps for the National Order of the Arrow Conference, Tamegonit Lodge also offered a service flap.  To earn the flap, a lodge member had to complete eight hours of service, fill out a card and have it signed by the lodge chief, camp director, Order of the Arrow coordinator or camp ranger.   Below is a scan of the service flap and a card signed by my dad, Jack Lewis, and Camp Ranger Lloyd Walker.



8-hour service_1sm

As previously mentioned, there were also NOAC flaps issued this year with a similar design, but with a grey or silver mylar border (trader/delegate) and the text, “1990 NOAC” in the “Service” text location.  Here’s an example:


However, the most intriguing example from 1990 is the red-bordered 1990 NOAC flap:


 When the 1990 8-hour service flaps were delivered, two flaps at approximately the middle of each pouch stated “1990 NOAC” rather than “Service”.  I was working in the trading post during Spring Conclave and watched as then-Lodge Chief Tom Sullivan destroyed some of the flaps with a Buck knife.  To my knowledge, at least one escaped the knife and is in a collection.  Are there more of these out there?

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