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I took my son to McDonald’s for lunch over the weekend and while we were there, I spotted a Scouter and his son wearing their Class A uniforms.  What caught my eye was the Scouter’s gold bordered 1985 National Jamboree CSP from Heart of America Council.  I stopped to talk to them and it turns out that they had just come from working on his son’s Eagle Scout project.  We chatted about the Jamboree and Camp Naish (they both had multiple camper year segments on their shirts) and I wished them well.  Our meeting inspired me to share the following images of the 1985 Heart of America Council CSPs.  It is my understanding that the gold border version was for adult leaders, the silver border was for youth leaders and the red border was for participants/traders.  Interestingly, these are the first JSPs issued by Heart of America Council.  The council started in 1975, so they missed out on the 1977 and 1981 Jamborees.  Fortunately, they came up with these three for the Boy Scouts’ Jubilee celebration:

Gold Border 1985 Heart of America Council JSP

Silver Border 1985 Heart of America Council JSP

Red Border 1985 Heart of America Council JSP

As with many of the local Jamborees, I am not sure if there were any other items issued (neckerchiefs, other patches, etc…).  If you have any other items from the 85 Jamboree, please send me an image.

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Two weeks ago I posted some sports-themed patches, including one for the Kansas City Chiefs. Thanks to reader Mike E., we have three more Chiefs patches shown below. Hopefully the patches will bring the Chiefs some playoff luck, but I think they’ll need more than Boypower to beat the Baltimore Ravens.

Thanks, Mike E.! Go Chiefs!

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Go Chiefs!

In honor of the Kansas City Chiefs winning the AFC West Division Championship, this week’s focus will be on sports themed patches…here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve seen:

Kansas City Chiefs - Touchdown Day for Scouting

I don’t have much background information on these patches and they are usually treated as a novelty…but, if you have any information or other similar patches, please share what you know. Good luck to the Chiefs in the last week of the season and moving in to the playoffs.

Kansas City Royals - 1980s

Kansas City Kings - NBA Basketball (1972-1985)

Kansas City Scouts - NHL Hockey (1974-1976)

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In a rare double post, here are some more Brownsea items, this time from the late 1980s.   Included is another neckerchief, patrol ribbon identification, and a Brownsea Troop photo.  Coincidentally, I recognize a few faces in the crowd.  Do you?

Brownsea Participant Neckerchief, BRIGHT orange

Patrol Identification Ribbons, one with a Heart of America Council Brownsea Pin

Brownsea Troop 22 - mid to late 1980s

Thanks to Matt P. for sharing the images.

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A few weeks ago, I posted some images from Heart of America Council’s Brownsea leadership training program.  Since then, I’ve received several more images to share.  We have three staff and one participant neckerchiefs from the early 1980s.  Interestingly, two of the neckerchiefs from the same year are different colors…are there more colors for each year?  As I said before, I think this is the tip of the iceberg for HOAC Brownsea items…I have more images to share later this morning.   Here it goes:

1982 Brownsea Staff Neckerchief, brown

1981 Brownsea Staff Neckerchief, orange

1981 Brownsea Staff Neckerchief, blue

1980 Brownsea Participant Neckerchief, orange

 Big thanks to Jody T. for the images.  As always, if you have images to share, please contact me.

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Here are a few interesting local items that ended in the last week. If they were items you are looking for, I hope you didn’t miss them!

Camp Naish Frontiersman - Green Arrowheads

Tamgegonit Lodge P1 on neckerchief with Vigil ribbon (red on blue)

Rim Rock Trail medal included with an Eagle Scout Medal and another unidentified medal

Update: Matt P. wrote to say that the medal on the right is from the Moniteau Trail in Moberly, Missouri. Thanks, Matt!

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I recently felt the urge to find my Eagle Scout neckerchief…and when I did I also found my dad’s and my brother’s.  There are all sorts of Eagle Scout neckerchiefs out there ranging from BSA National-issue to homemade.  The three neckerchiefs shown below are in between — modifications of standard Troop neckerchiefs.  In each case ribbon has been added to the edge of the neckerchief to add a red, white and blue/Eagle Scout effect.  On the latter two, the words “Eagle Scout” and the year the award was earned is embroidered above the troop logo.  I like the understated look of the neckerchiefs.   In chronological order:

Jack Lewis, 1962, Troop 299, Asbury Methodist Church, Prairie Village Kansas

Eric Lewis, 1988, Troop 86, First United Methodist Church, Olathe, Kansas

Kory Lewis, 1992, Troop 86,First United Methodist Church, Olathe, Kansas

What does your troop use to honor Eagle Scouts?   If you have an Eagle Scout neckerchief from the Kansas City area that you would like to share, send me a picture and any pertinent information (year earned, troop location, Scout’s name) and I’ll post it.

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Two piece sets have become commonplace with OA issues for national events (NOAC and Jamboree).  They typically include a lodge flap and a lower chevron that continues the flap design.  Some lodges get pretty clever with their designs, you can do a search on eBay and turn up a variety of examples.  Tamegonit Lodge/Tribe of Mic-O-Say/Heart of America council have jointly produced two sets for recent National Jamborees (2001 and 2005).  In the case of the 2001 set, a fake of the lower chevron has surfaced.  Pictured below are the two patches.  The one on the left is the original, while the one on the right is the fake. 

 YX1 - RealZX1 - Fake

The easiest way to tell the difference is by looking at the Mic-O-Say claws on the left hand side of the patch.  The original patch has black claws, while the fake has silver-mylar claws. 

The fakes show up on eBay fairly regularly, keep an eye out.  There are no apparent differences between the companion OA flap and the flap commonly sold with the fake chevron.

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As I posted previously, I was on the organizing committee for the Camp Naish 75th Anniversary celebration held on June 30, 2001. I helped make arrangements for the memorabilia display in the South Camp Dining Hall. In addition to my collection, Mike Schieders, Gene Tuley, and Jim McDuff (and others that I might have forgotten) all brought out their displays to share with those in attendance.

As a special thank you, I received a limited-run silver mylar version of the 75th Anniversary patch. Here is an image of it along with a letter from Jody Tucker, who was the chair of the committee. I am not sure how many of these were made, but there were about a dozen of us on the committee.

Click for a Larger View of the letter

It was a great event and I look forward to celebrating more anniversaries at Camp Naish.

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It seems that since the early days of Boy Scout camps, there has been a need to recognize those campers that return for year after year. In some of the early felt camp patches there are patches that state, 1st year camper, 2nd year camper, 3rd year camper, or something similar. An alternative, and the system used for Camp Naish, is the rocker. There are five eras of rockers. The first is a chevron-type that typically goes with the Daniel Boone or Frontiersman camp patch. The chevron is a red bar that went below the camp patch. These were used from around 1941-1944.


 A camper from this time period indicated that there was also a white version of this chevron that was used for a winter camping event held at Camp Naish around 1941 or 1942.  Does anyone have additional information about this event?

The next type is the red and green twill variety. These were used from 1945-1950 with the early white twill versions of the Camp Naish patch.

Following that is the white and red twill variety. These were used from 1951-1962 An were used with later versions of the white twill of the Camp Naish patch.

Up next is the green and red twill. These were used from 1963-1977 with the green twill versions of the Camp Naish patch.

The current era is white and red twill again. These have been used since 1978.
These have a more uniform font than the previous white and red twill versions and typically have plastic backing.

Camp Naish is not the only Camp to use the rockers, there are many other versions out there with alternate color schemes. Also, there have been other special-issue rockers for Camp Naish, including outpost versions, that I’ll post about later.

Keep on rockin’.

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