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The National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) will be held this summer at Indiana University on August 1-6. I’ve attended a few NOACs (92, 94, 98) and know that they are a lot of fun. In addition to copious opportunities to trade patches there are shows, training opportunities, and the chance to see a different part of the United States. Tamegonit Lodge, as it has done in the past, has issued a fundraiser set to help defray the transportation costs for the contingent. Here is a link to Heart of America Council’s webpage explaining the three issues for this year. Here is the brief description of the three sets: fundraiser (shown below), trader (1,000 made), mylar (200 made).

Tamegonit Issues S60 and X10

The trader and mylar have a creative design. It is based on Indiana Jones and features a turkey dressed like Indie. The link above promises that the mylar version will have “special” features. The previous NOAC mylar (2006) has battery-powered LEDs that flash.

The mylar, as usual will be tough to get. If you are planning on going are interested in trading me one of your sets, I’ve got plenty of older issues to trade you. Contact me if you are interested.

Again, here is the link for more information about the patches. It also has the contact information if you wish to support the lodge’s contingent. You should buy at least one to help the guys out.

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