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I’ve added a new page which includes a gallery of Heart of America Council CSPs. Special thanks to Jody T. and Ryan M. for providing some of the images. As you can see, I am missing scans of three CSPs. If you have these issues, please send me a scan (preferably with a white background). You can send the images to me a this email address.

Also, if you see anything that needs to be corrected/added, please feel free to contact me.

Heart of America Council CSP Gallery

JSPs might be next…

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1958 NOAC – More Information

In response to my previous post, Matt P. tipped me off to a recent eBay listing that shows both the original and reproduction 1958 NOAC pocket patch.

Here’s a PDF of the listing: 1958 NOAC Pocket Patch Listing

The second page has a good view of the front and back of the patch.

Thanks, Matt!

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Given that the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas was the site for the 1958 National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC), it is only right for Tamegonit/Kansas OA collectors to add a 1958 NOAC pocket patch to their collection.  The question is:  when you find one, is it an original or a reproduction?  The following images are from the March 1998 American Scouting Traders Association Report feature article by John Conley Williams which provides some guidance on how to differentiate between the original and the reproduction patches.  The article notes that the reproductions were sold at the 1975 NOAC.  If I dig up a scan of the real and original, I’ll post those as well.

Thanks to Gene T. for the article scans.

Hopefully I haven’t ruined someone’s weekend when they use this article to discover that they have a reproduction…

Original or reproduction,  I’ll leave you with this image of a neckerchief slide I spotted on eBay a while back…a Univeristy of Kansas Jayhawk wearing a brotherhood sash.

When are Vigil nominations due?

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It is time again for the Greater Kansas City Area Trade-O-Ree Boy Scout Swap Meet and Memorabilia Show. 

Here are the details:

April 29th & 30th, 2011
Friday 5pm until 10pm – Saturday 9am till 4pm
Hillside Christian Church
900 NE Vivion Rd, Kansas City, MO 64118

Admission is FREE.

Links to fliers about the event are below.  Last I heard, tables are still available.  See you there.

2011 Greater Kansas City Area Trade-O-Ree

KCTOR 2011 Flier (includes table registration form)

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Here’s the third SNAWS post with patches from 1994, 1995 (staff), 1996, and 1997 (staff).

1994 SNAWS

1995 SNAWS - Staff1996 SNAWS

1997 SNAWS - Staff

 Also, I saw this auction with a bunch of SNAWS items, including several staff patches and hat pine, closed recently on eBay:

Here’s a summary of what was included in the lot:

As listed above, there are plenty more items from the SNAWS events.  I received an image of 1988 staff patch hat pin and the participant hat pin.  I’ll post those in the next few days.

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Following up on last week’s post, here are some more SNAWS patches:

1991 SNAWS

1992 SNAWS

1994 SNAWS

As you can see, I am missing a scan of the 1993 patch…the last of the images I have will come next week.

All of the SNAWS patch images were provided by Jody T. Thanks, Jody!

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This is the first of several posts about the Sharing Native American Ways Seminars (SNAWS) held jointly by Heart of America Council, BSA, Heart of America Indian Center, and the Kansas City Indian Club.  The first event was held in the mid 1980s and continues today under different leadership.  The primary goal of the event was to teach Scouts about tribal cultures and the lives of American Indians.  I attended the event at Oak Park High School in Kansas City, Missouri in 1992, but my memories of the event are a little clouded…however, I do have some images to share.  Here they are, beginning with 1988 (noted as SNAWS IV):

1988 SNAWS

1989 SNAWS

1990 SNAWS


I don’t know if there were any patches before 1988, but if you have one, please send an image along.

Also, the December 1997 issue of Scouting magazine has an article about the event (starting on page 30).

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I took my son to McDonald’s for lunch over the weekend and while we were there, I spotted a Scouter and his son wearing their Class A uniforms.  What caught my eye was the Scouter’s gold bordered 1985 National Jamboree CSP from Heart of America Council.  I stopped to talk to them and it turns out that they had just come from working on his son’s Eagle Scout project.  We chatted about the Jamboree and Camp Naish (they both had multiple camper year segments on their shirts) and I wished them well.  Our meeting inspired me to share the following images of the 1985 Heart of America Council CSPs.  It is my understanding that the gold border version was for adult leaders, the silver border was for youth leaders and the red border was for participants/traders.  Interestingly, these are the first JSPs issued by Heart of America Council.  The council started in 1975, so they missed out on the 1977 and 1981 Jamborees.  Fortunately, they came up with these three for the Boy Scouts’ Jubilee celebration:

Gold Border 1985 Heart of America Council JSP

Silver Border 1985 Heart of America Council JSP

Red Border 1985 Heart of America Council JSP

As with many of the local Jamborees, I am not sure if there were any other items issued (neckerchiefs, other patches, etc…).  If you have any other items from the 85 Jamboree, please send me an image.

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Camper Awards

Given the amount of snow we’ve had in Kansas City over the last couple of days, I thought now would be a good time to share a couple of  camper award items…only to be earned by the stoutest of campers.

First is the Heart of America Council Campmaster Corps Twelve Month Camper Award.  Here are the requirements:

  • Camp outside in temporary or natural shelter each calendar month of the year.
    No permanent man-made structures (i.e. cabins, campers, etc.) will count toward the award.
  • Must be completed within any two (2) calendar years (24 months).
  • Record of place, date and shelter required along with unit leader’s signature.
  • May be earned by both youth and adults and may be earned more than once.

This award has been around for many years.  When I was younger, the patch looked like this:

Twelve Month Camper

I’m not sure if that is the current patch.  Does anyone have something different?

Next we have the Jerry Campbell Camping Award which is awarded by Tamegonit Lodge to troops that meet four requirements  including earning the 12 month camper discussed above.  The other requirements involve regular attendance by the Troop’s Order of the Arrow Troop Representative (or designee) at chapter meetings, current registration by all Troop Arrowmen, and writing a 100-word minimum essay regarding, “How my Troop exhibits Brotherhood and Cheerful Service throughout the year”. 

Here’s an image of the award.  Troops that earn the patch in multiple years are given a year designation patch as shown below:

Jerry Campbell Camping Award

 With all of the snow on the ground out there, do you think your troop is up for earning these awards?  If so, here are the links for the applications:

Campmaster Corps 12 Month Camper Award
Jerry Campbell Camping Award

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Following is a message from Tamegonit Lodge 2012 NOAC Advisor, Rick Petty regarding an upcoming auction/sale that will be held during Winter Banquet.  The event is on January 15.  Here’s a link for the more information on Winter Banquet.

Looking at the list below, there are several interesting items including the spirit turtles and two big collections of event patches.   Best of all, the proceeds go to help Arrowmen attend upcoming national events. 

The 2012 NOAC Committee will be sponsoring a silent auction during the banquet to raise funds to help offset transportation costs to OA National events such as SummitCorps, Indian Summer and the 2012 National Order of the Arrow Conference.  We will have a large variety of Tamegonit event patches and flaps up for auction as well as a few items for sale.  Please consider supporting the silent auction while at the banquet.

Auction items include:

The “Ultimate Tamegonit Lodge Event Patch Collection” which includes over 80 event patches.

A complete set of framed 2006 NOAC patches

A complete set of framed 2009 NOAC patches

A complete set of framed Lodge Spirit Turtle patches

An Illustrated Guide to Tamegonit Lodge Memorabilia autographed by author Kory Lewis

A complete set of framed 2008, 2009 and 2010 Lodge event feather patches

A-2 Arrowhead with F-2 Lodge flap 

Complete year sets of Lodge event patches from 1997 through 2004

1960 Kaw Council BSA Staff neckerchief

1974 Camp Naish Kaw Council neckerchief

A variety of Lodge flaps and other patches


Items for sale include:

2009 NOAC Trader sets

2004 jacket patches

2007 center patches

A special thanks goes out to Gene Tuley, Dave Evans, Jody Tucker, Kory Lewis, Kirk Doan, Skip McGurk, John Schatzel, Rick Ledgerwood, Warren Minear and the 2010 LEC for their donations and support for this auction.

In cheerful service,

Richard Petty

2012 NOAC Advisor

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