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This week we have a couple of early Camp Naish staff neckerchiefs.

The 1944 edition is the earliest I’ve seen, but the 1945 is definitely the most intriguing I’ve seen. The 1944 variety is based on a BSA standard issue neckerchief with hand stitched embroidery added to identify it as a staff neckerchief. This one is a very dark green with red text:

1944 Staff Neckerchief

My parents found this one at a local flea market in with some other scout stuff. Keep your eyes peeled, you never know what you might find!

The 1945 version (picture scanned from The Patches of Camp Theodore Naish compiled by Andy Dubill) includes the sought after “Frontiersman” Camp Naish patch and is in near mint condition with a nice look to it.

1945 Camp Staff Neckerchief with Daniel Boone patch

In looking at camp staff photos compiled by the Heart of America Council Camp Staff Alumni Association, there were only 16 members on staff in 1945, each would be pretty hard to come by.

Additionally,  Camp Naish staff neckerchiefs can be viewed at campnaish.org. Also, the Heart of America Council Camp Staff Alumni Association is gathering images of all Camp Staff neckerchiefs from Naish, Bartle and Rotary. I can put you in contact with the person leading that effort if you have additional neckerchief images.

I just communicated with the lead person on this project and they need images from the following years:
1946-50, 64, 66, 68,70-72, 91-92, any after 1996

Do you have an earlier Camp Naish staff neckerchief?

Do you have any neckerchiefs from 1946-1949?

 If so, I’d like to get an image of them.


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Up this week is a unique neckerchief from the Order of the Arrow Section 8-D conference held in 1956.  Most instances of this patch that  I have seen are loose and not sewn to a neckerchief as shown here.  The event was hosted by Tamegonit Lodge that year, but this is the only neckerchief I have seen.

  1956 8D Neckerchief

Any thoughts on what it might be?

  • Section Chief neckerchief?
  • Event staff neckerchief?
  • Homemade one-of-a-kind neckerchief?

Please contact me if you have any information about this neckerchief, chief.

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The Friday Whatzit

Periodically (on Fridays), I will post an image submitted for identification, better known as a Whatzit.  First off is this neckerchief submitted by Jody Tucker:

Unidentified Naish Neckerchief

  • Do you recognize this neckerchief?
  • 1971 Paul Bunyan camp out?
  • Troop 71 summer camp neckerchief?
  • Something else?

Please email me if you have any information on this Whatzit.

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