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Up this week is a series of Naish Outpost rockers.  As indicated in the first image, the patch was used to encircle the regular-issue Camp Naish patch.  Pictured is one sewn to an Explorer uniform from Troop 52 out of Lawrence, Kansas.  The Outpost program was used to attract older Scouts back to camp that had already earned most of the merit badges, but still wanted a Scout summer camp experience.   


This iteration of the Outpost program in Kaw Council was active for several years and included a variety of activities such as hiking, backcountry-style camping.

 As shown below, I have located images of the rockers starting with 1954 and ending in 1960 (with the exception of 1959). 



  • Does anyone know when the Outpost program began using these rockers?
  • Was the rocker used in 1959?
  • How about after 1960?

Please let me know if you have any addtional rockers.

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One fond memory I have from my Scouting days is visiting the 1989 Jamboree in Fort A.P. Hill.  Our family of four drove from Kansas City to Washington, D.C. to do some siteseeing and to also spend time at the Jamboree.  It was a fun vacation that also including some Scouting.  At the jamboree I made my first trade, a Troop 86 neckerchief for another troop neckerchief (I don’t recall the number/location, but I still have it somewhere in a box). The highlight was going to the opening show and seeing a laser light production produced by Steven Spielberg, it sounds corny now, but it was pretty impressive to a 12 year old. 

Of course, there was plently of other memorobilia associated with the Jamboree including a few issues from Heart of America Council.  First up is the neckerchief:

HOAC 1989 Jamboree NCsm

I can imagine that multiple color combinations were used for the fabric and screen printing for each Jamboree troop from the Council, however, this is the only instance of the neckerchief that I have located.

In addition to the neckerchiefs, there were also CSPs.  The standard-issue CSP has a yellow border:

1989 NJ YELO Prot

And Jamboree attendees also received a gold mylar version of the patch:

1989 NJ GMY Prot

In addition to the two patches above, prototypes of these patches have also surfaced.  Here’s a look at some of the alternate border colors considered for this patch (purple, blue and red):

1989 NJ Pur Prot

1989 NJ blue Prot 1989 NJ Red Prot

Another interesting note is that the council-issued CSPs have vertical stitching in the background while the prototypes shown here (including the gold mylar and yellow varieties) have horizontal stitching.

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